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    Showing Approval Process/Status to Clients


      HI everyone,


      We've been using WHD in our office for about three years and there is one feature that we still haven't been able to figure out.  We have many different request types, locations, and approval process that vary depending on the work that the client is asking us to do.  Certain work requests are only a two-step approval while our largest is an 11-step approval. Often times clients will want to know what the status of the ticket is and who they need to bug to get approvals for their work request.  This is usually done by calling/emailing someone in the office and having them take the time to look up the ticket and give a status.


      We were hoping that there would be a way that clients could know the status for themselves.  Ideally, we would like for clients to see at what step their request is when they log into the client interface.  The alternative would perhaps be to send an email when the ticket progresses to the next step and the name of the person who is required to approve.  I think the second part could be done with action rules (something I just discovered and haven't been implemented in our installation before), but is there any way for the client to just see the approval flow from the web?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions.