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    Still hunting phantom snapshots


      I have a feeling that I have significant opportunity to hunt down and eliminate many phantom snapshots. Unfortunately, the Orphaned VMs report is broken in version 6.1 and later, but the Alert for VM Phantom Snapshot Files appears to have the information I need. Also unfortunately, the only way to view the phantom snapshot files is by mousing over the alert. Does anyone know of a way to extract the Phantom Files column, either via a query or report?

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          You should be able to edit the alert, and use elements of the alert definition in a top n dashboard widget to show the list of snapshots

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            Hello, you can get list of the snapshots when you get details of the alert via email. Just configure SMTP settings, modify the alert to send you results



            and then you can parse the snapshot files from body of the email.


            An example of the email:


            Alert Active for:

            1. Datastore: esx-05:LocalStorage01 ([esx-05:LocalStorage01] VMAN001/VMAN001-000005.vmdk, )

            2. Datastore: datastore2 ([datastore2] sql_test/sql_test_7-000006.vmdk, [datastore2] sql_test/sql_test-000006.vmdk, )

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              Do you have 6.1.1 deployed? We had a problem with On-Demand Reports being broken in 6.1 that was fixed in 6.1.1. If it's still broken in 6.1.1, do you have an open ticket with support so we can track this down?

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                I guess I was not 100% correct--the phantom snapshot files alert contains a subset of the files that I'm looking for, but it doesn't completely identify all orphaned files, so I'll need to see whether the orphaned files report can be resurrected to get the whole picture.

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                  roy nusskern

                  I'm new to VMAN.. just installed version 6.3 about a week ago.  I experienced the exact same issue.  A handful of my Virtual machines had VMDK file names like %VMNAME%_#-00000#    Example:  VSRVxxxx_4-000003.vmdk    This raised the phantom snapshot alerts in VMAN.


                  After trying several different possible resolutions:

                       Deleting all snapshots on the VM

                       Deleting any vmdk files that are not in use inside the VM folder on the datastore.

                       Running consolidation on the VM.

                       Created a new snapshot and deleted it.


                  None of these fixed my issue the VMDK file name was still VSRVxxxx_4-000003.vmdk


                  Resolution that worked for me. I'm running Vsphere 5.5

                       Storage Vmotion the virtual machine disks to another datastore.  After the VMotion the VMDK was renamed to the correct file name and the Alert in VMAN is now in a lowered state.


                       Before Vmotion file name  - VSRVxxxx_4-000003.vmdk            After Vmotion file name - VSRVxxxx_4.vmdk