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    Patch Manager and DB Specs


      We are getting ready to implement Patch Manager and I'm wonder if someone can assist. Is it recommended that the DB be local or in a SQL cluster for patch manager?


      I realize it's a small footprint since it ties into Config Manager. What is your recomended disk space? From what I understand 100GB is enough for the DB and the content. correct?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Generally speaking, if Patch Manager is on a dedicated server, it will work fine with the local (installed by default) instance of SQL Server 2008R2 Express Edition.


          Exceptions to this would be driven by a large number of computers involved in WMI-based asset inventory collection, a notably large WSUS environment (e.g. many replica servers with thousands of clients), or heavy usage of PM task events. In these scenarios, you may find it beneficial to deploy the database on a dedicated SQL Server Standard Edition instance. There's no performance reason for deploying to a SQL cluster.


          In a Configuration Manager environment, if you only plan to use PM for 3rd party update resources and *occasional* client management tools, the local instance of SQL Express will be just fine. If you envision a significant amount of usage of the client management toolset, then you may want to consider deploying the PM database onto the SQL Standard instance supporting Configuration Manager.