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    Netflow -was- working on a node, added a second node, now the first is not displaying data


      I'm getting the dreaded "Data is not available" graphs.


      Yesterday I added a node to our netflow sources, and everything was working fine.  I checked this morning and it was still working! I then added a second node, and went to grab a cup of coffee.  After coming back, I see the first node is now showing "Data is not available" while the second node is showing flows correctly.


      I've waited a half hour now, so I don't think this is an issue with it not being polled or enough flows being sent to graph.  I also verified the configuration between the two nodes is the same, and I do see flows being exported when I issue a show command.  I've now tried to remove the first node from our netflow sources and added it back in -- still a no go.


      Any ideas on why it would suddenly stop showing data? Maybe something wrong with our database?


      Thanks everyone...