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    NTA data is not shown as it has to be




      I'm currently trialling NTA and already setup flow export from Cisco 6509 with Supervisor Engine 720..

      Cisco IOS Software, s72033_rp Software (s72033_rp-IPSERVICESK9_WAN-M), Version 1

      2.2(33)SXH2a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


      I already set it up as explained on the how-to. and l already make sure on the collector side using wireshark that already receive the netflow packets with CFlow data received.



      our solarwinds NTA is and is another NetFlow analyzer

      here is result of show mls nde


      Netflow Data Export enabled

      Exporting flows to (9996) (2055)

      Exporting flows from (57851)

      Version: 7

      Layer2 flow creation is enabled on vlan 51

      Layer2 flow export is enabled on vlan 51

      Include Filter not configured

      Exclude Filter not configured

      Total Netflow Data Export Packets are:

          22028405 packets, 0 no packets, 594766666 records

      Total Netflow Data Export Send Errors:

              IPWRITE_NO_FIB = 0

              IPWRITE_ADJ_FAILED = 0

              IPWRITE_PROCESS = 1

              IPWRITE_ENQUEUE_FAILED = 0

              IPWRITE_IPC_FAILED = 0

              IPWRITE_OUTPUT_FAILED = 0

              IPWRITE_MTU_FAILED = 0


              IPWRITE_CARD_FAILED = 0

      Netflow Aggregation Disabled



      here is result when I do show ip flow export.


      Flow export v5 is enabled for main cache

        Export source and destination details :

        VRF ID : Default

          Source(1) (Vlan200)

          Source(2) (Vlan200)

          Destination(1) (9996)

          Destination(2) (2055)

        Version 5 flow records

        11427 flows exported in 3319 udp datagrams

        0 flows failed due to lack of export packet

        0 export packets were sent up to process level

        0 export packets were dropped due to no fib

        0 export packets were dropped due to adjacency issues

        0 export packets were dropped due to fragmentation failures

        0 export packets were dropped due to encapsulation fixup failures

        0 export packets were dropped enqueuing for the RP

        0 export packets were dropped due to IPC rate limiting

        0 export packets were dropped due to Card not being able to export



      and I already enable netflow on interface Vlan that I want to monitor by using ip flow ingress and egress command.


      all is ok with NetFlow analyzer on but not on solarwinds NTA..


      collector services is UP and running and netflow sources already giving amount of data throughput


      Netflow sources.png


      but on the top protocol, endpoint and another details just showing me the traffic only on small bandwidth... this is not right...

      top application.png


      it has to be in megabytes and gigabytes... that is displayed with another Netflow analyzer...


      what is wrong.. is there any configuration that I missed...