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    Windows variables in command line parameters



      We are using patch manager in conjunction with ConfigMgr 2007 to deploy Java updates.

      We have a need to enable the java verbose logging.

      We have tried using the parameters that Oracle documents ( /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log)  to do this via the "Command Line (silent install):" field (screenshot below) on the package but the update fails to install.  Note that there is no jreMSI.log created.


      The question I have is; does the command line honor the windows variable?  Or do we need to set that as a static path (i.e. C:\windows\temp\jreMSI.log)?


      FWIW, running these via command line locally on the system works fine:

      jre-7u71-windows-i586.exe /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log /s "JAVAUPDATE=0 AgreeToLicense=YES WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=M"

      jre-7u71-windows-x64.exe /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log /s "JAVAUPDATE=0 AgreeToLicense=YES WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=M"

      - It is only when the same command line is used within the Patch Manager patch does this fail.


      Another note is that if we remove the " /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log" parts and republish, it works fine.


      Thanks for your time.