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    Storage Manager - I give up


      For the last couple of weeks I have been troubleshooting all sorts of issues with the Storage Manager product.  One minute it collects just fine, then the next it fails.  I have several tickets open with Solarwinds and still no resolution.  I am curious can anyone provide an idea of specs for the agents.  I see no contention with memory or anything according to the Storage Manager Health Status.  They keep saying its a connectivity issue between my netapp - which I am really doubting because I have other alerts (Netapp Oncommand, etc.) and witness no failures.


      I am at a loss as this product being a monitoring solution is really failing me.  I feel like I am the only customer on this.  I want to add another array to this but until I can get consistent data from it I will have to stick to the NetApp toolset as its the only thing that is reliable.


      Do most shops have a full time Monitor Admin?


      /end rant