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    FoE Supported Modules


      I purchased FoE and I'm planning my deployment.  I just read the release notes and noticed the latest supported modules for NPM and SAM are v10.5 and v5.5, respectively.


      Does anyone know if Solarwinds intends to provide support for the later versions of NPM and SAM on FoE this year?  I'm running NPM 10.7 (but will upgrade to NPM 11 soon) and SAM 6.1.1



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          I'd imagine the latest version of FoE is going to support the latest version of NPM and SAM.  I've done a couple of deployments on versions up to 10. 7 and have been fine with groups I worked with in the past few months.  It may simply be that the documentation hasn't been updated for FoE.

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            I'm currently running NPM 11.0.1 on our install; NCM 7.2.1 has an issue with licensing, but support will get you working.

            I do not have SAM.


            [note: I did have one issue with file replication and had to add exclusions for on one additional polling engine




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