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    Multiple tech groups and locations


      ok.  I have an interesting question and I am looking for some ideas.



      We have a tech group in India and a Tech group in the US.  We have separated all of the clients based on their Location (India or US).



      Tickets placed by India Clients sent to the India Tech group and tickets for the US Clients sent to the US Tech Group

      India Tech group to escalate tickets to US Tech group

      All Clients see the same Request types (for reporting)



      My initial thought was to use Action rules when the ticket is created that anyone in the location India is placed in the India Tech group 1.  Then anything else goes to the U.S. Tech group 1.  Then I will have to add the U.S. Tech group 2 techs to the India Tech group 2 for escalation.


      Open to any other ideas.


      Thank you

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          We have a similar set of requirements and use action rules to implement ticket flow based on Country initially but only for monitoring tickets. As long as its implemented at creation only.


          The issue we have is that we have clients that travel throughout the world to our various locations and therefore we cannot link their location so these are all tied down to the Request Type. We have created request types with a parent type called COUNTRYNAME (eg UK). This also help with reporting etc. I guess you could change this manually after the Action Rule has ran.


          Downside is that you have to create 2 request type trees so its double the admin.


          As far as I can see there is no better way of doing it within WHD but I can think of better ways they could allow it to happen.

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            You could also look at using Location Groups?

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              Thank you mcgeg.  We did think of the 2 request type trees.  Although I like the option, senior management was worried about reporting and missing some request types in reports.