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    Have an HP XP, IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS), Sun StorageTek 2000-, 6000-, 9900-, or FLX Series?


      Supporting so much hardware through Storage Manager is a difficult proposition.  Storage Manager literally supports dozens of device families and hundreds of individual devices.  Having all of those in our personal labs just isn't feasible, so that's when we ask for the community's help.  On occasion, one of the things that we ask for is a recording of your device.  This helps our developers work with devices which we don't have on-site.  We use this information for general validation, new device support, or just spot-checking our efforts.  Please note that only metrics are recorded and no sensitive information is part of this recording.


      If you have any of the following hardware in your environment, please contact me via direct message and I'll send over instructions on how to record and upload information about your devices.

      • HP
        • XP 20000
        • XP 24000
        • XP P9500
      • IBM
        • Enterprise Storage Server E10
        • Enterprise Storage Server E20
        • Enterprise Storage Server F10
        • Enterprise Storage Server F20
        • TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server 750
        • TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server 800
      • Sun
        • StorageTek 2000-series
        • StorageTek 6000-series
        • StorageTek 9900-series
        • StorageTek FLX-series


      Thanks again,