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    NTA v4.1 RC1 Now Available


      It is my pleasure to announce NTA v4.1 RC1 is now available.  Check out the announcement in the NTA RC forum for screenshots: NTA v4.1 RC1 Now Available


      You can grab the bits now in your customer portal.

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          Still not showing up in my customer portal

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            So I see the bug that support supposedly reported was not fix in this release ..


            I have NTA Main installed on one server


            I have additional web server


            I have my flow database installed on a beef server with its on dedicated drive and this server is also my secondary poller ..


            It wont let me install the RC as it does not see the flow storage database and wants to only install the poller , wont let me install on the main because my FDB is not upgrade yet , rinse and repeat -


            I believe if i remember right i have to run it from some the CL with a switch .. does anyone have that info



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                Do you have your previous case number handy?

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                    here cobrien   here is the feature request that came from an open case because I couldnt install an upgrade due to the error message I got today .. (

                    Case # 642084 - Feature Request: FSDB installation in GUI when on an additional poller)



                    I have to run the install on the FSDB/Poller server via the CMD line with the  /StorageOnly switch - not a show stopper but kinda a pain




                    also I thought in this release we would have the ability to remote configure netflow on netflow capable devices



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                        Ah, I remember that case now.  Yes, the issue including cause and solution are documented here: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Installing Remote NTA Flow Storage Database on an Additional WebSite or Additional Poller S…


                        Notably we do not recommend installing FSDB on a poller and have seen bad results when that route is chosen.  Accordingly one of the ways we push people away from doing that is by not supporting it via GUI.  I take it you don't like the idea of running FSDB on a dedicated server?


                        The remote configuration tool was in one of the betas but did not make the release.  We simply weren't happy with it yet but had other things we wanted to get to you guys.  It still remains on our list: WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON FOR NTA AFTER V4.0

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                            I would of run it on another server if i could have spun up another one but was limited to what sys admins thought would be the best and we are in a managed environment so costs and run rate ...


                            its a beef of a server 8 CPU , 32GB of memory and my flow DB disk size is 500 GB and i am using 10% of it so performance as of right now not a huge issue

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                                Fitzy, have you managed to upgrade to RC1 already? If not, try following:

                                1. Go to you additional poller which is hosting FSDB.

                                2. Run the installer with /StorageOnly option on that poller.

                                3. Once finished on poller, go to main Orion server and upgrade NTA there.

                                4. Go back to poller with FSDB (+ any other additional poller) and launch the installer without any parameter this time and finish the installtion.

                                5. Enjoy.


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                                fitzy141Level 1

                                Thanks Choly   yea i found that switch as well and i disagree with solarwinds not fixing it in a release to force people not to use this configuration .. if thats the case then you should make it so this configuration shouldn't work ... When I installed NTA 4.0 it never said not to do it out right but if you do make sure its a beefy server and the FSDB sits on its on Drive

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                                I work at a federal government bureau. We have yet to upgrade to V4.0 because significantly increased cost due to the requirement for a dedicated database server. We may have new servers for our 2 NTA instances some time next year. This, and lack of IPv6 support is making us shop around for a new solution. The single biggest question for IPv6 at the WAN edge is "Who is talking to whom?" Lack of support from vendors (including Cisco) is the single biggest thing preventing moving forward with IPv6.


                                I notice on the What We're Working On for NTA After V4.0 link, that SQL2014 is listed. Would this replace the existing FSDB? Could it be on the same SQL server as NPM/NCM/SAM,. etc.?

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                          Installed yesterday to try to eliminate a memory problem on my FBDB server that began with the last upgrade.  That problem seems to have gone away- at least I'm hopeful.  I do have a problem (getting ready to open a case), with my additional web server.


                          receiving the error below. 


                          Could not load file or assembly 'Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebChart.v8.2, Version=8.2.20082.1000, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7dd5c3163f2cd0cb' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. (E:\InetPub\SolarWinds\orion\ncm\resources\ncmsummary\web.config line 27)

                          Looking at the file, it definitely is referencing files that are not on the additional web server. Re-ran the config wizard, no joy.  I'm able to get in via the web on the main poller, but not the additional web.

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                            can i make a report with the following specs in 4.1:

                            i need the 95th percentile report bound to IP groups. i need to define the threshold for 95th percentile as well. i need to bill my customers based on this report.

                            is it possible now? i have 4.0.3 installed and havent upgraded yet. i also raised a case "724746" to support this morning. they said it will take couple of days to respond

                            the sad thing is this report was available by SQL query prior to version 4 and now it is not possible (up to my knowledge)

                            look at this post for more details

                            Re: 95th percentile per IP group