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    E-Mail templates in different languages


      The custom E-Mail templates have the ability to create further templates in other languages, but how/where do you configure the client with a language (locale) so that the correct template is used when sending the E-Mail ?

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          In case anyone is still struggling with this problem as I was, here is the solution.


          Create different Business Zones for each language that you require Setup -> General -> Time and Place. Use the Country dropdown to select not only the locale formats, but also the language you want to define an E-Mail template for

          Set the Location to use the correct Business Zone Company -> Locations & Rooms -> Business Zone.

          Append a new language to the E-Mail template E-Mail -> Templates -> Template. In Other Languages use the Languages dropdown and select the same country as defined in the previous Business Zone

          Define the new language template.


          Now when an E-Mail is generated for a client having a location with a specific Business Zone, the corresponding language template will be used.