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    Changing the TrapVarBinds


      Hello all,


           We have a bunch of netapps and i put the rule in place to alert us if a drive changes state however this alert and the Connection Refused alert when forwarded over to our NPM server to send the traps out doesn't show the information for which SAN is throwing the alert. I can see this on the disk space alerts as which SAN is alerting but no others. Is there a way to add in or change TrapVarbinds that are being sent out from STM?

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          azabielski - any chance that you can post the information that's coming from these traps?  I'd like to make sure that I'm familiar enough with the format before making any recommendations.

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              Yeah this is the only thing that comes through.

              identifierType = 0

              identifier = 21

              moduleName = mod.sys.na.NetApp

              message = IO Exception, unable to establish connection: Connection refused: connect

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                  And just for clarification, the source of this trap is Storage Manager or the NetApp?

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                    This one looks like is meant to be an internal communication message, i.e., between Storage Manager Agent and Storage Manager server. "mod.sys.na.NetApp" is the module on the agent that is responsible for collecting data. I am guessing 21 is the device ID of the NetApp storage that the module has an issue connecting to. In the web console, if you hover over the console links for your NetApp devices, you will see the URL in the status bar of your browser. You may want to check if deviceID 21 is one of your netapp devices assigned to this agent. You can also tell if you were to open windows explorer on the agent machine, browse to the <install folder>/systemic/mod.sys.na.NetApp_1.0 and open the xml file with the same name as the module.


                    But the disk status change one should ideally contain the netapp name.

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                        Hey HolyGuacamole


                        Yeah it does link properly as seen here:

























                        However my real question is how do i get that data into the traps that send out?