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    Event log entry confuses me


      When monitoring our netapp volume use we have used single value pollers (dfPerCentKBytesCapacity.7 or such) to get the specific value for a specific volume of interest.  These ran at the default 2 minutes (and are currently still running).  I just created a Gettable on dfPerCentKBytesCapacity to grab everything with a single poll and it seems to be working fine and getting the correct data (it is set to run every 20 minutes, set in the UDP config).  Here's the issue, ever since adding, I get an entries for all of the NetApps we own in the event list that says the following:


      dfPerCentKBytesCapacity on hq-i-na3020-1.gvmhq.com is at Not available for tabular pollers percent.


      Not sure what that even means or why it is there, could someone please clarify.  Once the events are cleared up properly, then we'll be removing the older pollers and using the gettable version only.