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    Query stopped showing in Historical Trend's after improvements were made


      Hi folks,


      I recently stumbled upon a query whilst analyzing our database. I ended up making some tweaks to the underlining index taking it from 2000+ reads to 8 reads, speeding up the query significantly (it's a high execution stored procedure). Now when I look at the historical trend chart for this stored procedure it's dropped off my radar and not reporting anything for today. When I capture the stored procedure in SQL Profiler however, I can see still the stored procedure being hit.


      Does DPA have a threshold that a query has to pass before it can be picked up for reporting? If so, where can I alter this threshold? I would like to show management the improvements being made to queries using the nice DPA charts/reports, however if queries just stop showing up once improvements are made I cannot do this nicely without putting together something myself (and that involves work ).


      Thanks folks!


      Michael Murray


      P.S. DPA rocks!