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    Flexible NetFlow


      Do Solarwinds supports Flexible Netflow? I want to add to key fields on Cisco router:

      IP (Source or Destination) Payload Size

      Prefix (Source or Destination)

      Packet Section (Header)

      Mask (Source or Destination)

      Packet Section (Payload)

      Minimum-Mask(Source or Destination)


      Protocol Options bitmap


      Flags Version


      Offset Precedence

      Identification DSCP

      Header Length TOS

      Total Length

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          Ping! Ping! NTA Developers and PM's


          I too would like to know if FnF is supported AND the interoperability of having FnF configured for one collection system along with non FnF for NTA collection.




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              Although NTA can accept FNF exports, to make use of new fields it would have to interpret them and have a good way to present the new information in a meaningful, worthwhile way.  This is something we're still investigating.  What would be the most important FNF fields for you to see supported in NTA?