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    Trap Alerts and grouping devices


      Hi, we have several devices sending traps (I setup custom UDP and trap alerts).  This question is from the Manager; is there any way to configure traps alert which includes all these devices with following trap condition:

      -When one of the devices trigger a condition, if other devices (different objects) trigger same condition as other device to be ignored (example:, device A, reaches temp 80 degree, and same time device B reaches same condition to be ignored)

      - Is there any way to setup escalations level (same way we do for advance alerts) for Trap alerts?


      I appreciate your help

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          Sounds like you need event correlation.  Something we all need within the alert manager.  Otherwise you'll really need to look outside the product.

          If Solarwinds ran on unix orwere to forward events to a log file on unix you could use a really good opensource tool called SEC (Simple Event Correlater) which can do that and more.

          You could run another tool (example is RightItNow) which pulls events directly from Orion.


          I am not sure how robust, scalable, or viable LEM is....I don't see us using it.  From what I've seen, it does not meet up to our needs.