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    When will NPM be able to properly monitor servers with > 32 processors??


      In my environment we have about a dozen very large scale HP servers with > 32 processors used for our Hyper-V environment. When I add these servers to NPM via WMI, the application log is saturated with Event ID 2006 errors.


      If I am not mistaken: these errors are due to NPM 11 using 32 bit calls to the OS instead of 64 bit. What is strange to me is that SAM can monitor 64 bit applications. Why can't NPM 11??


      These errors are so frequent in the application log, varies from seconds to minutes, that I cannot monitor these Hyper-V servers with NPM because of the event log flooding.


      Does anyone know when O when this will be resolved?


      I've moved my organization from using SCOM to SolarWinds and the "Only" thing left in SCOM are the Hyper-V servers.....