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    Deep Packet Inspection - Sensor Status 'Not Present'


      As a company we have recently upgraded to NPM 11.0 and are currently trying to configure the Deep Packet Inspection within the QOE dashboard to view data such as network response time and application response time. When I am attempting to access sensor settings -> manage package anlaysis sensors, I go to deploy a new server analysis sensor but find that the status of the sensor is 'Not Present'. I am not sure if this has something to do with the way NPM 11.0 was installed or if there is an issue with the firewall settings? Has anyone else has a similar issue and resolved it? Thankyou.

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          The way you are trying to configuring sensors it wont work.


          You need to do following things.


          1. Take a server and installed two NIC card, one NIC communicate with NPM server and other one is directly plugged with Network Switch.

          2. The you need to configured switch port which is connected with Server as a port span.


          After that you go through following process.


          Go to the NPM Server and click Quality of Experience, then “Manage Nodes”.

          Select the Network Sensor Node and and click “Edit Sensor”





          In your case you will see two NICs (just one in my screenshot):

          QOE Sensor.png

          Please make sure to select the NIC which is used for the SPAN and save it.

          Wait for a few minutes as it may take up to 10 minutes before the system has set itself correctly up.


          If still no data is showing please check that you have multiple nodes and multiple applications under the Network Sensor:


          All my screenshots are coming from a Server Sensor only but it should help to understand the concept.

          If you have any further clarification please feel free to ask me.