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    Custom Properties


      I wanted to trigger an alert for specific nodes , about 205 of them. So I created a custom property for all the nodes then I created an alert that will tell me when the nodes are down or up. Alert us partially working , but no data.

      Below is the info I got from the alert. Has anyone seen that before ?


        This message should be customized to provide more information about the specific alert you created. You can use variables to
      provide detailed information in your alerts”.

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          You need to edit the alert, go into the Trigger actions, edit the action you have and put content into the email.  This is the default text that's put into the email action.  You need to remove it and add in the values you want.  There is a variable builder that will allow you to add the information you wish to see.  Some examples would be






          The information is pre populated in the action, you have to customize it.  Otherwise you end up wit the verbiage you are receiving.