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    Import tool does not create all users


      Just downloaded the tool, created the cvs, tested with a few users...  works fine..

      Loaded 10k users for our lab in the tool, it created 130..

      Users show up in the preview, but are not created


      Setup the log to verbose... doesn`t even mention the users not created.





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          I see you didn't get an answer either. What a piece of **** this tool is. I should have known, being free and all. I spent a good portion of my day trying to get this **** to work and no matter what I tried it will still only import 1, 2 and if I might get lucky and have it import 3 accounts at once.


          I thought maybe I was putting to much stress on this poor little free program so I decided to limit my imports to 10 accounts at a time. Still it only imports 1 or 2.

          Thinking I was adding to much complexity, I decided to use your included files. Still, 1 or 2 accounts at a time.


          I have 1500+ users to add.


          Oh and "Users suceesfully created" Really? Did no one spellcheck this garbage?


          New I should have done this in powershell.