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    Weekly Group Availability Reports


      Good morning/afternoon SW users,


      I need some assistance with the following


      We have setup weekly and monthly group availability scheduled reports from Orion


      All seems to work but for some of groups we notice it states 100 percent available yet there is a status of down for a node under that group in report


      The groups we are reporting against are Groupings of Routers/ Switches / Groupings of Application Groups ( process monitoring against same Applications running on different servers but grouped

      under one group)


      Any ideas?




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          To further more on this I just noticed that


          If I have a group of systems and one of them is down, the entire group is showing as "Warning" but availability still shows 100 ,but in yellow instead of green, percent for that group..

          I need this to reflect the state of the downed node member..


          can this be change?


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              I had this problem, if you edit your group and go to advanced, in the drop down you need select show worse status, this will get you away from the 100%, but the problem I am now running into that Solarwinds states they can not fix is that it gives rounded whole numbers. So i should be around 99.8% and instead i'm at a 99.0%