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    Matching Vendor option in Include list


      Hi guys,


      I have run into a limitation that would otherwise require a great deal of time spent trying to add specific parameters in an include list.

      Right now I have the ability to add an IP address/range, Hostname or MAC address or use wildcards to match what I'm after.
      What I don't get is the option to match Vendor. The reason I need this is because if you look at all the MAC addresses that Cisco use (link), you'll soon find out that you'll have to add a boat load of MAC* addresses to whitelist all your Cisco equipment.


      Not all our Cisco devices get whitelisted if I add the following Cisco MAC with wildcard: 00:00:0C*. I still get Cisco phones and the likes. So the question is if there is any neat way, apart from being able to match vendor - which we don't have right no - to add everything "Cisco" to the whitelist?