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    You've Been Replaced with NPM!


      I am trying to make a historical chart on an interface traffic usage for an x interval.


      I have managed to generate this display to monitor interfaces that are connected to BHN-MetroEthernet.




      And now I am trying to turn the above display view into some thing like this one in below. Therefore I can replace it with NPM and not to use the other app any more.




      The above picture is also monitoring on the same interfaces that are connected with BHN in interface description.


      Is Universal Device Poller the way to go? I am having difficult time to find the OID for the same interfaces, so I can monitor the inbound and outbound traffics.


      Thank you

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          There is a resource called "Custom Object Resource" you can add under "Customize Page"    Try that out.  You are already tracking the interface data.  It is now just display issue.

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            Thanks to @rstoney00 for the suggestion, and I am able to add a display like the following...



            Now, is it possible that I can have line charts instead of dots? I am planning to add more resources and monitor more interfaces, but wondering if the data can be shown in real time.


            I think that Interface Monitor is what I need, but can it be seen by other users such as help desk people once I have set it up? How many interfaces can I add? Can it stay up running 24/7?