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    Igmp Snooping Groups Count


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm new on solarwinds world, so please excuse me if the questions is too simple. I could not find anything on the website, so i decided to post this question.


      I added my switches on NPM, but i could not find how to get the amount of igmp groups on the node. That information is very important for me because we deal with a lot of multicast traffic, and my access switches (Cisco 2960) can handle up to 256 groups - after that, all become broadcast. Therefore, I need to know that number and even trigger some alerts.


      Before i was using cacti to monitor the counters using a perl script. Now i need to know if i can do the same on solarwinds.

      By the way, to get that number on the cisco switch, i use the command #show ip igmp snooping groups count.


      So, my question is if there is a way to retrieve that information from the nodes using a script (or any other way) and populate a Custom Property, for instance.




      Any suggestions?