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    Migration Poller/NPM




      I would like to know your thought about this migration procedure:


      1) Server 1 : NPM + Poller Server 2 : DB

      2) Add third server with additional Poller. Server 3 : Poller

      3) Move devices to new poller at Server 3

      4) Move NPM from Server 1 to Server 3

      5) Move DB from Server 2 to new Server 4 DB


      Step 4 and 5 are at the same time.


      Any thoughts or suggestions?


      Thank you



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          I'm not sure what you want to achieve here; you must be trying to do something other than simply move to new servers?


          otherwise I'd personally do:


          1. Move DB from server 2 to new server 4

               a) copy& restore database

               b) run the configuration wizard on server 1 to point to the new database

          [if it fails re-run the config wizard and return to server 2]


          2. move the solarwinds application from server 1 to server 3.




          if you want to make sure the new servers work then:

          1. copy the database from server 2 to 4

          2. install NPM on server 3 [using the 30 day licence]

          3. make sure it works

          4. de-licence the old server

          5. re-licence the new server


          Not sure what stepping through an additional poller gives you in your example; if the new server doesn't work then your old server is still up and working while you get the kinks worked out.

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              Thank U Richard!


              My issue are :


              1) Second Poller will be at a remote location, which the majority of nodes are and they are talking to the primary poller.

              2) Second site has more performance servers

              3) Nodes at first primary site have snmp access list/cisco access list with only the primary poller. That's why I would like to add the additional poller and start moving slowly.