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    Adding a Syslog node


      I am running a practice VM of Solarwinds LEM at home. I have a dlink router which used to send logs(web access) via syslog to kiwi syslog server. At about 1500 logs per hour.


      I changed the dlink router to send syslog to the LEM vm ip (


      I then went to Manage>Nodes>Add a new node > Syslog node  and filled in the ip address of the dlink router ( I then check the I have configured.... option and clicked finish. I got a message "LEM has not found any new nodes or connectors in the syslog files that are being monitored".


      When i switch the dlink to send syslog to the kiwi syslog ip, I see syslog mesages.


      I have no idea what to do.


      Please assist