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    How do I get Storage Manager to ignore NetApp .snapshot folders?


      I'm trying to use Storage Manager to send alerts to our Enterprise monitoring tool for Volumes with low space on NetApp and nSeries filers. My issue here is that by default Storage Manager sees every VolumeName/.snapshot as a Volume and will alert on these are well. I don't use Snapshot Reserve on any of my NetApp devices, so the size of the .snapshot is 0 bytes. This means Storage Manager alerts on EVERY one of them. Useless!


      There must be a way of getting Storage Manager to ignore these, or filter them out of a rule without the need to manually select all real Volumes and not the .snapshots of each. The latter is not a solution because I could miss one and even if I don't, any new Volumes will be ignored until I add them.

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          Unfortunately, there isn't a way to exclude volumes based on a pattern. your best bet for now would be to add a rule in your enterprise monitoring tool to ignore anything that contains the word snapshot. With the SRM release that is currently in beta ( Orion platform integration), this should be a very easy thing to do.

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            I had that same issue so i changed it on the Trap level assuming you are using STM to send trap messages to an ORION Poller.


            So these are the traps coming in




            tt-rules-traps.513=Disk Usage is in Warning

            tt-rules-traps.503=Used Percentage  >=  90.0 for 0 seconds


            tt-rules-traps.505=Used Percentage


            tt-rules-traps.507=1 Oct 2014 10:39:10

            tt-rules-traps.508=11.1 hours






            sysUpTime=2 days 6 hours 33 minutes 46.83 seconds




            So here were can see that the tt-rules-traps.511 is what the varbind is for the drive so this is what we want to filter out. But first we need that OID for that as its rough to dig through all the OID's in solarwinds to find this.


            Run this DB query to see all the trap varbinds starting with tt-rules-traps.511


            select OID,OIDName,OIDValue from TrapVarbinds

            where OIDName LIKE 'tt-rules-traps%'


            Here you can see that the trap OID for this varbind is here below:





            Now we have an OID to filter by, now we can put a condition on our trap rule for the STM traps to ignore these when they contain .snapshot as part of the drive space.


            Add the following none condition as see below and this will now ignore alerting for any .snapshot drives.




            Hope this helps please let me know if you have questions on this.

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