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    Managing SolarWinds map, need Dynamic SWQL queries and custom node size


      I am looking at adding some better manageable map functionality. I can do SWQL filters on my map and get the expected results, but I would like to be able to do this in real time to my single map view. Does anyone know where the SWQL filter is located? I would like to create a Custom HTML field, that has a checkbox to apply SWQL filters, but I can not find a effective way to do this.


      For example:

      [X] Check for all nodes (Nodes.Status = *)

      [  ] Check for node issues (Node.Status <> 1)

      [  ] Display USA only (Nodes.CustomProperties.Country = 'USA')


      All of those should work, but I cant apply them dynamically.


      Additionally, has anyone worked out a way to adjust the size of the nodes on the map? Zoomed into a area it is perfect sized, but at a global view we have a mess of green.


      If no one knows a way, I will submit this as a requested feature. Thank you all in advance.