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    Report Writer Frustrating...


      I am creating a report in Report Writer to generate a report on a specific server and the D: drive for the past seven days.  I have the report created with the data I need which is great.

      The part that is frustrating to me is formatting the fields and the differences between Preview and the actual report from the Web Console.

      First thing, the Field Formatting tab.

      I have a list of six fields that I need information from, they are listed in the Field Formatting tab.  I want the NodeName field to be listed first so its at the top of my report.  Can I drag it, arrow click it no.  How do I move it to the top?

      Column Width - how wide is my report?  I do not know, no information anywhere that I can find.  I set my column widths to 100 and the Preview mode shows only one column with the other columns crunched to the side.  Running the report via the Web Console shows a totally different view?  Why?


      Trying to search Thwack, reading the Administrator Guide is pretty useless.  The amount of time I have wated with this should have taken 10 minutes at most, I have decided to just grab screen shots and email.