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    Solarwinds status page


      Good morning / afternoon fellow SW users


      I would like to create a "Status page" that has all of our application status, green,red,yellow


      I need to embed this into our intra site here


      So essentially the end user can browse to our intrasite, then one of the tabs/screens would show this status page that would have all

      the application status's listed


      Is this doable?



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          Did you get any feedback on this? This is of great interest to me also. We are trying to set up a customer facing system status page with real time monitoring, green, red, yellow lights as you mention above. We are trying to see if we can leverage RSS/XML features from the Orion SDK to do this.



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              I think that's exactly what the SDK is for. I am doing something similar with a custom ticketing app. When a user views a ticket, the ticket queries Solarwinds using SWQL for the node status as well as other information such as location and machine type and displays it in the ticket. It's seamless to the end user. Check out the documentation that comes with the SDK. It has examples for several languages. You can also test your SWQL queries with SWQL Studio.


              I have seen tdanner reply to several of the SDK threads on Thwack and I have used his information to help me get this working with my PHP app.



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              Thank you all for your responses, I will look up the direct link feature as this might do it for us


              I need to basically show the map in an embedded intra net website but without authentication, so any user can see the map, app status/ red/green/yellow/etc




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                Hi All,


                I have just tied this and we had a website blip (unrelated but a known issue). When the website came back up our accounts logged into the direct link account. This is most diffidently not what we want. Any idea's as to why this happened?