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    sysName persistence across reboot?



      I apologize in advance if my question is not relevant to this forum. It's not about SolarWinds functionality but general SNMP protocol.

      I just want to know if there is a standard or specification that dictates SNMP objects persistence after a reboot. Specifically the sysName, sysLocation and sysContact. I've come across some devices that reset these to their default factory value after each reboot.

      Is this a common behavior? How many devices like that have you seen. What's your experience with sysName, etc.

      Sorry for my English!

      Thank you

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          Hi Christian,


          I too have seen this type of behavior on SNMP devices in the past. Basically, the device manufacturer isn't able to or can't store these parameters in the device ROM. It could be due to a lack of space or character support.

          What tends to happen instead is the SNMP daemon starts up in memory, sysName, sysLocation and sysContact is stored in memory too. So when the device reboots, memory is flushed and that's when you loose the SNMP definitions.


          I've seen this with environmental probes.