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    Upgrading from to issues




      I am currently using FTP Voyager v15.2.0.6.
      There are a number of schedules and site profiles associated with this install.


      I followed these steps to upgrade:

      1. I copied the FTP Voyager Schedule.sch and exported the site profiles.

      2. I imported these fields in a clean FTP Voyager install.

      3. I ran the upgrade


      After running the upgrade the site profiles and schedules are still in working order, however:

      - Opening the calender in scheduler causes the scheduler to hang, it just says busy until I manually stop the scheduler service. There is no Windows logging or FTP Voyager logging for this behaviour

      - Everything in the scheduled task Window simply states "not scheduled for execution"

      Any advice would be appreciated

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          1) What browser are you using to view the calendar?  Maybe you can try to open it using the latest Chrome browser.

          2) Right-click or edit your scheduled tasks and enable them or set them up for execution.  I'm not sure if the import process messed that up but you should be able to enable them.

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