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    Alerts for after hours


      With integration to the Orion system and its ability to automatically generating alerts in the middle of the night, how do you establish WHD alerts and SLA actions when the only option for alerts to occur is during business hours after creation.


      For better clarification:

      Orion notices a server has gone down overnight (2am), which generates an email to create a WHD ticket. The SLA requires assignment within 1 hour and a resolution within 8 hours. The ticket is assigned a Due Date of 8 hours in the future. WHD has the limited option for an alert to happen only during business hours.


      Manually setting the due date & time doesn't help if the alerts are restricted by business hours and your SLA doesn't allow for the Week(s), Month(s) or Year(s) option the WHD does have.


      What options do we have?

      • Make business hours 24/7/365?
      • ???