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    Is it possible to populate the last xx event window with a particular syslog message?


      We are running NPM v10.3 and there is a particular type of syslog message I want to keep a close eye on. I know I can configure alerts from the syslog viewer application on my NPM server however the alert I have configured (upon solarwinds matching a pattern in a syslog message) which is to send a mail to a couple of addresses of people concerned does not seem immediate enough, neither do any of the options available from the alerts to trigger window.


      I see I can send a trap and I am wondering if there's anything useful I can do with that? Basically what I want is for something to appear in our web console home page as we have a net management team who monitor using Solarwinds and would regularly view the web console home page so this would be the quickest way to alert. To sum up: is there any way for me to have a particular type of syslog message containing a text pattern I want to match appear on our web console home page? Thanks in advance for any comments or help. Cheers