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    KiwiCattools Cisco WLC config backup




      I'm using Kiwi Cattools to backup cisco WLC 4400. I use device type Cisco.Wireless.lan.
      Problem is that it says that failed to connect to remote host or password invalid. If I enable debug I can see that the last line is device command line like
      (mywlc) >

      If I ssh to device I get same line. It seems that cattools is able to connect but for some reason quits just before


      Debug log:

      <W-14:09:12>ssh -2 -l admin 10.*.*.10

      <R-14:09:12>ssh -2 -l admin 10.*.*.10



      <R-14:09:19>[13][10][13][10](mywlc) [13][10]User:





      <R-14:09:20>***********[13][10](mywlc) >


      Any solution for this problem would be great


      PS Cattools has latest version