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    package not installing due to error 1406




      getting the following error in the event viewer when trying to install a package from patch manager. I have verified that administrators has full access to software in the registry and the username I use for patch manager is an administrator.

      I can install other applications from patch manager. also I can install the msi directly on the pc.



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          Alan - it's unclear to me - is this message on the client or on the server?  How are you sending this package?  Did you create a custom package, approve it, and then publish it for the clients?  Are you sending the package directly from the Patch Manager console?

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            Lawrence Garvin

            Alan, this is an issue with the product installer, not WSUS or Patch Manager.


            For whatever reason, the product installer is unable to create a Registry Value in the specified Registry Key (HKLM\Software\BigHand\TotalSpeech\v3).


            The Administrators group, and the PM Credentials, will have no impact here. At this point the installer is executing in the SYSTEM context, inherited from the Windows Update Agent. This, itself, could be part of the problem. If the installer creates the HKLM\Software\BigHand registry subkey(s) without the proper ACLs (i.e. they've assumed that a *user* will be doing the installation), that would result in a write failure.


            If that is the issue here (inspect the ACLs on the keys to be sure), you could use PackageBoot to pre-create the registry subkeys (which should also ensure that SYSTEM has the appropriate level of access since it would then be CREATOR).