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    Restore a user created view


      I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to restore a user created view? I have seen lots of answers on how to restore a default view, but this would not be a default. They created a custom view with custom queries to limit which devices were in each graph on the page but today they deleted a lot of the graphs they had configured accidentally. I am not sure if this may be something as simple as just restoring some XML files or if this info is all database stored. I am running Orion Platform 2013.1.0 and NPM 10.5.

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          Views are stored in a number of database tables.  The actual layout of the view (columns widths, number of columns etc) are in the "views" table, each resource on the page is given an individual ResourceID, stored in the "Resources" table, and placed in a column and row position.  The settings for each resource ID are stored in the "ResourceProperties" table.


          Unfortunately when a resource is deleted it is non-recvoverable without a restore from a previous database backup.



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              Hi Stuart,


              That answer was great but I have only two other questions for clarification.


              1. Are those the only 3 tables that affect a view?

              2. I do not have a "Resource Settings" table, did you happen to type a different name by accident? I do have a plain "Settings" table.


              I plan on having my SQL team restore my database to another database so I can do a comparison of the tables and then try to restore only the view he deleted.