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    Down time in minutes from a year ago?

    Anthony Ussery

      Good evening,


      Where does SolarWinds store statistics on down time?  I need to generate an availability report that gives me an exact number of minutes of downtime for each node over the past year, and currently the most useful thing I'm seeing is the Availability field in the ResponseTime table, but that's just an overall percentage.  Where does that information come from?

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          Vinay BY

          Multiple questions under one , places to look for:

          1. Check retention period (Settings -> Polling Settings)

          2. Down status would be updated on 'Nodes' table - yes ICMP it is

          3. Response time -> 'ResponseTime_Daily' table

          4. Polled Data would be stored under 3 tables in your context -> XXXX_Detailed, XXXX_Hourly and XXXX_Daily

          Note: Detailed Statistics will be summarized into hourly and Hourly would be summarized to Daily and Daily would be deleted after retention period specified (you would find those details under Polling Settings)