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    NPM Migration to new server




      I'm building a new VM for NPM to sit on.  I will be migrating the older database over to the new one.  My question is, my current version I sit on is 10.6 and will be upgrading to version 11.0.1.  Will I be able to install version 11.0.1 on the new server and then move over the database from  the older server  or is it best practice to install 10.6 and move over the database then upgrade to 11.0.1?  Also, I will be keeping the same IP address, but server name will be changing, has anyone seen any issues in doing this?  I do not want to have to go to every device and have to reconfigure the snmp address.  I do see within the migration documentation that for NCM the server name will have to be updated within the database.  Thank you