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    SAM 6.1 new node poller types required ?


      Dear Sir or Madam -


      In SAM, we create all of our nodes using the Orion SDK.  Historically, to create an "ICMP and SNMP" node, we only needed to create two pollers for the node -





      Then we upgraded from SAM version 6 to version 6.1.   It appears that during the upgrade two more pollers were created for each node -





      Further, it appears that for SAM to function properly, those pollers must exist for each node.


      Would please confirm that this is correct ?


      Note that we prefer to poll via ICMP, so we're not interested in using the  "N.ResponseTime.SNMP.Native"  or  "N.Status.SNMP.Native"  pollers.


      Thank you.


      James Troy