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    If I have 100 Locations and want to run a separate report for each location do I need to create 100 reports?


      Maybe I'm missing something.  It seems counterproductive to not have a more dynamic front end for reporting.  I have roughly 30 team members that need to run reports but I don't want them creating 50 million reports nor do I want to do that.  It would seem ideal to allow me to set a dynamic drop down or radio buttoned option for reporting that allows someone to login to Orion as more of a read-only user hit a drop down for a specific variable and run a report.  Am I missing something here or if I want at the ready reporting for 100 sites I have to have 100 specific reports for say IPAM, then 100 reports for our routers at every site, then 100 for bandwidth.  Obviously I can combine into one big giant report but I don't want to have to do that.    Maybe I'm just lazy too but seems like there might be a cleaner way to accomplish this type of need...  Changing one or two variables for 100 reports makes me twitch