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    Limited views to switches but only in UDT


      I've got multiple teams that utilize our SW products.  I've currently got all devices assigned a custom property of "owner" and the group name so that the network team's only see the network switches, the other ops teams only see the servers they are responsible for etc.   The network guys don't want everyone having access to their switches in NCM, however we have some servers with configs that are also backed up via NCM and which the server teams need access.  However, one of the ops teams that owns a subset of servers would love to be able to plug in the server IP into UDT and tell the network team where the device is seen, or also for troubleshooting installation errors (i.e. crossed cables or the like) to verify the correct MAC is showing on the correctly assigned switch port.  With my view limitations set on their accounts using that "owner" custom property the ops teams can't see any of the current network connection data.  Any ideas how to accomplish this?