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    SolarWinds Job Opportunity


      I have a position I am looking to fill located ONSITE in Santa Clara, Ca. Below is the job description. Please let me know if you have any questions.


      Looking to fill ASAP. 3 month Contract.


      Network Engineer - Solarwinds Expert

      • Evaluate Solarwinds population to ensure it is monitoring all pertinent systems.
      • Evaluate Solarwinds metrics in conjunction with MWatch metrics to align them as closely as possible.
      • Understand SNMP and vendor MIBs and integrate them into Solarwinds monitoring.
      • Responsible for creating and optimizing polling metrics.
      • Responsible for creating, automating, and optimizing custom reports for granular device reporting.
      • Evaluate the auto discovery process to ensure it is correctly capturing new systems and cleanup transient systems.
      • Evaluate and optimize Netflow implementation.
      • Ensure all systems are reporting CPU, Memory and appropriate interface bandwidth.
      • Ensure Network Performance Monitor is optimized for environment.
      • Evaluate system setup and implementation to meet industry standards.
      • Review and recommend Solarwinds modules based on the current and future environment.