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    List Resources does not complete after upgrade to 11.0.1, Enterasys chassis based nodes


      Hi All,


      We recently did an in place upgrade from 10.5.0 to 11.0.1. The upgrade went well with one exception. Certain devices such as Enterasys (Extreme) S4 and K10 chassis based switches will not list resources now. These devices listed fine prior to the upgrade. The interfaces appear to discover in a timely manner but the discover page just hangs at "Wait...". We have let it sit for over 12 hours with no change. Other devices such as Brocade ADX and Enterasys (Extreme) C3, C5, D2 and A2 switches have no problem listing resources.


      We have a support ticket open, 680430, but have not made any progress in over a week. We have been directed to uninstall/reinstall job engines, collector services, information serices, etc etc... We have repaired and run the configuration wizard multiple times with no change in results.


      Has anyone experienced/resolved an issue like this? We are long time satisfied customers but this will be a deal breaker for us if we can't get it working again.




      This issue has been resolved. I updated the subject title and the tags in hopes that anyone with the same issue stumbles across this post. Details of the exact issue and fix can be found here:


      NPM 10.7 and Enterasys


      Big thanks to Mike Osborn at Technical Support for helping us get to the bottom of this.