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    Database retention and compression settings


      HI ,


      Im fairly new to Solarwinds netflow.


      We are running the latest version of NPM with NTA in a very basic setup where we only monitor two ports on the same switch.


      I understand that database maintenance will remove data from the database past the number of days set.


      My questions is,


      We would like to be able to go back and see all data, is it possible to set this to infinite?, are there any implications to doing that?


      What effect will the 'Compress data and log files' have on us looking at past data ?



        • Re: Database retention and compression settings

          Maximum retention period length is 10 years, which I believe is fairly close to infinite. The FSDB size will grow linearly over time, simply do the math for expected size - i.e. if you current FSDB size is 1GB over 14 days, it will be about 26 GB over 1 year and so on.

          For looking into past data I recommend to use absolute time period and specify date/time range accordingly.

          Compress data and log files is related to SQL DB maintenance.  Since the latest NTA doesn't use SQL much, you can ignore that setting.