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    Route To Group (AND/OR)


      Hello all,


      Just wondering if some one can help here. I have an Orion source and have configured a route to group as in the image:-



      What I would like to do is condition this as I see we have some nodes (network nodes) that I don't want to see in AC.


      So ideally I would just like to add to the above so it works as follows:-


      if ANY of the above match AND the ObjectName does not contain "aparticularword" OR "thisparticularword" OR "anyotherword" Then assign to Wintel Team......


      I am stuck on how to set this up. AND and OR is not very obvious. Thanks for your help.




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          Here is an example how to achieve it - the Captured Summary starts with any of specified words and the Captured Object doesn't contain any of the specified words:


          The route to group rules are working this way:

          • it evaluates all top level rules (there is only 1 in the screenshot above) - and uses it when it matches (and evaluation finishes)
          • the top level rules are evaluated in order as defined (the first one has the higher priority)
          • when no top level rule matches, then the default group/action is used (the "By default" part above the rules)
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              Hi Tomas,


              Thank you for your reply. When I saw your example it instantly made sense. I had thought of this but because the top level said "all child rules match" I assumed it would ignore the grouping, guess i was expecting it to say "all child groups match".


              Anyway, when I did try this, it did not work, each test I did would not filter my alerts correctly. Valid alerts would not match anything and be discarded. Then whenever I went back to the route to goup it seemed to keep pushing over the lower group to a different level. I know it was on the same level as the other group:-



              I did come up with something that did work for all of my alerts but I think I prefer the logical approach of yours.