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    .MSU package creation


      I've been tasked with putting together a package for the following update KB2877985 version 2. It didn't show up in Patch Manager so I figured I have to create a package using the install file that I downloaded for it. Only question is the download is a .MSU extension and the only options I see when I start to go through creating a package is .MSI, .MSP, and .EXE. Can anyone tell me if I can build a package with .MSU extension updates? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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          MSU Files are deployed with the "wusa.exe" command-line utility.  The syntax is pretty simple, but falls outside the scope of what Patch Manager does by default.  Someone might have a super-clever way to handle this within Patch Manager, but I haven't done it myself.

          I had to do a similar thing for an Exchange 2010 preparation.  I scripted it out as "C:\Windows\System32\wusa.exe <path to MSU file> /quiet [/norestart | /warnrestart | /promptrestart | /forcerestart] /log:C:\FullPath\To\LogFile.txt"


          Within Patch Manager, you could "bundle" this with another unrelated patch and have the above executable run as part of the PackageBoot process.


          Just my 2 cents.  If someone else has something a little more integrated, please post it!  Don't think that one voice is the be-all-end-all voice.

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            KMSigma's response will get you most of the way there. You can provide patch manager a dummy application which does nothing, include the msu as an additional file, and put the required install commands in package boot as a pre-install task. You can also package the msu into a self extracting zip which you feed patch manager as the installer exe and have a post installation task that runs the install command.