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    QoE Settings does not show nodes


      Hello Guys,


      I got a question about establishing QoE.

      I watched some videos and red some PDFs about QoE and I am currently doing my first steps with QoE.

      As i wanted to add a new server sensor and clicked on the button "add a new node" the next window did just show one node.

      (As it does here:Overview of Quality of Experience Dashboard in SolarWinds NPM - YouTube at 2:42)

      But when i click on settings -> manage nodes , there are many nodes already managed.

      So my question is : What do I have to do in order that this Overview (like in the Video) shows me all nodes?


      Thats what it looks like now:



      Thanks for any help !

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          QoE only displays QOE eligible nodes.  To determine that a node is QoE eligible, it must be monitored in Orion and Orion must have been able to discover that it is a Windows device, etc.  Can you confirm you have nodes in Orion that Orion sees as Windows?

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            Did you install the Agent prior to attempting to add the node?

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              The nodes should show up if their "vendor" is recognized as Windows. They can be either SNMP or WMI nodes. If you cannot see a node, try deleting it and add it as WMI. If you do not want to lose the history on that node, you will have to edit the vendor information directly in the database. In this case, it is better to contact our support about it.

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                as we experienced few support requests from people that saw this thread, you can now check what is wrong by yourself. Please check attached SQL.


                In sensor deployment will be displayed only nodes that pass all 6 tests. This is not exact code that is Orion using but does the same thing.


                Quick how to:

                just run the script on Orion database

                • First three columns are there to identify your node
                • SensorDeployed - Shows if there is already deployed sensor on node. If so, just delete node (if available in list) and delete/uninstall agent. You can have only one sensor per node.
                • NodeAssigned - Shows that node is already managed by another sensor. If sensor is not deployed for this node (previous column), that means node is managed by another network sensor. To allow deployment, just unmanage it from this another sensor. If sensor is deployed it is managing itself, then steps from previous point should do the job. Node can be managed only by single sensor.
                • Windows_Test - Checks that node vendor is Windows. In many cases, this value is missing (set to unknown), often when polling method on node is changed, e.g. from ICMP to SMNP, WMI or Agent. If you are brave enough, you can manually update value for the node or just initiate poll with 'poll now' button in node management (this can take several minutes).
                • x86_Test - Sensors are supported only on x64 architecture, so x86 machines are filtered out.
                • NT/W9x_Test - Sensors are supported only for WS2008+ and Win7+, older Win versions are filtered out.


                If any test fails and you are sure that it shouldn't, fastest solution is to delete node and readd it with WMI polling method. That should guarantee that there are not any obsolete relations and if node is supported, should be available for sensor deployment.


                I hope this will save your time with answering 'why do I not seeing my nodes here?' question.


                Attached SQL is compatible with QOE 1, 2 and 3.