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    Can't duplicate automatic uploads from SmartFTP to voyager - scheduler


      Hello, I am trying to duplicate move my old SmartFTP's application of cloning specifici files&folders from my office to my home PC (s) running Serv-U.

      SmartFTP has a bottom pane queue to which I was dragging and dropping my specific files and folders (from offce pc's) and you could set various actions on them as queue items, schedule for custom times, set what action to do

      when they complete, and setup precise FILE EXIST RULEs for the Target/Destionation.

      e.g. IF Dest Time&Date Stamp EQUAL  AND SIZE smaller THEN RESUME

            IF Dest Time&Date            OLDER and SIZE smaller THEN OVERWRITE

            IF Dest Time&Date            EQUAL and SIZE equal THEN SKIP

            IF Dest Time                     NEWER and SIZE equal THEN SKIP


      After Invoking Voyager schedule Mgmnt screen don't know whether to choose Create NEW task or choose BACKUP,

      but say I choose NEW TASK   It takes me to the GENERAL tab , which is good, I pick the target Serv-U and give the particular cloning task a name and a description.

      Then it takes me to the ACTION -UPLOAD tab, in which has the two empty fields Remote Folder/File and Local.

      The LOCAL has a Dropdown tab where it looks like I can select ONE file or folder, rather than use CTRL or something to multi-select.   On the other side I can't browse for the destination at all it has to be

      manually typed(?)   Can't this be done in an easier way/